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India Trend Tracker is a short summary of 1500 words including Strategic Environment and Security Challenges, International and Regional Relations, Political Trends, Economic Trends, Internal Security and Defence Forces and a summary of the likely trends ahead Brief Preview - India’s external strategic environment remains a concern, with possible of trigger of escalation as India China standoff expected to be called off in the winters is continuing despite low temperatures. Internally COVID 19 impact is reducing however economic travails continue amidst rising law and order issues due to farmer protests.

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[caption id="attachment_31083" align="alignnone" width="220"]SOUTH ASIA SECURITY TRENDS DEC India's Premier journal[/caption] SOUTH ASIA’S PREMIER ONLINE MONTHLY SOUTH ASIA SECURITY TRENDS: DECEMBER 2020 SOFT ISSUE RELEASED BY EMAIL 2 DECEMBER 2020 PDF E BOOK WITH PHOTOGRAPHS EMAILED BY 5 DECEMBER 2020 Security Impact of Prolonged COVID 19 The first COVID 19 case was reported in India on January 31 this year a month after the World Health Organisation (WHO) identified the Novel Corona Virus on December 31 in Wuhan, Hubei Province in China. In other countries in South Asia COVID 19 cases were seen over the months of February and March. On 11 March, the WHO declared the COVID 19 as a pandemic requiring urgent measures by states. On 24 March 2020, the Indian government ordered a 21 days lockdown which was sustained with the first instructions for opening up by April 20th. Other countries in the region adopted a varied approach to lockdown but there was a high degree of enforcement of restrictions on business as well as social activity. The strategy generally adopted was of testing, contact tracing, quarantine and containment along with expansion of health infrastructure has ensured that while the number of cases in South Asia led by India are high the fatality rate has remained low and the recovery rate remains high. …………. A preview of the Contents is as given below- New Delhi Rahul K Bhonsle 2 December 2020 Editor ( • Lead 1 - Deterrence Remains India’s Core Defence Strategy • Lead 2 - How will India navigate a Biden Presidency? • Lead 3 - Kailash Range: Bone of Contention in India China Disengagement • Lead 4 - India Needs Creative Options for Gilgit Baltistan Contents Preview • Afghanistan: Intra Afghan Agreement & Violence 8 • Bangladesh: Concerns over Military Veterans Dissidence 33 • Bhutan: Parliament Session, Financial Concerns 45 • China: Winter Travails on LAC? 49 • Kailash Range: Bone of Contention in India China Disengagement 49 • Maldives: Concerns Over Debt Burden 87 • Myanmar: NLD’s Election Win Hopes of a New Dawn 93 • Nepal: Political “Paper” Wars 103 • Pakistan: PDM Marches On 113 • Sri Lanka: Pearl of the Indo Pacific 128 • India Defence: Summit Over Drive 133 • How will India navigate a Biden Presidency? 135 • India Needs Creative Options for Gilgit Baltistan 189 • Deterrence Remains India’s Core Defence Strategy 221 • India Internal Security: Vaccine and COVID 19 Controls 261 • Kashmir: DDC Polls and Beyond 285 • North East: Naga Accord Stalemate 296 • Left Wing Extremism: Criminal Terror 308 Subscribe Indian Rs 300/- or US $ 10 per issue/ Indian Rs 3000/- or US $ 100 for the whole Year (12 Issues). PDF ONLINE JOURNAL WILL BE AVAILABLE ONLY FOR SUBSCRIBERS by 5th Each Month. Please send demand draft/cheque/cash in name of SECURITY RISKS ASIA payable Delhi to Flat No 4283, B 5&6, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110070. Email –