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As per the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, North East India holds a significant place in the security of the country. Unlike other parts of the country, the North East holds an important position from a strategic point of view as these states share their borders with other countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar and China. The terrain, the state of Socio-economic development and historical factors such as language/ethnicity, tribal rivalry, migration, control over local resources and a widespread feeling of exploitation and alienation have resulted in a fragile security situation in the North Eastern States. This has resulted in violence and diverse demands by various Indian Insurgent Groups (IIGs). Ministry of Home Affairs is taking all possible steps to address the genuine demands of various ethnic groups for development and for autonomy in managing their affairs. While the infrastructural developments like road, rail link, power supply, water supply etc. are dealt with by Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region and various other line Ministries, the issues relating to strengthening of security, rehabilitation of people affected by militancy, bringing underground outfits to the main-stream through negotiations, confidence-building measures etc. are looked after by the North East Division. Diplomatic initiatives pertaining to security-related issues with Bangladesh and Myanmar are also taken to strengthen the security situation there. The North East Division of the Ministry of Home Affairs has been created for focusing on the developmental and security issues relating to the North Eastern Region and also coordinates security.[Source MHA India].  
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