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Regional Security


Regional security covers the geopolitics, diplomacy, security and defence issues related to South Asia, the sub-region synonymous with Indian sub-continent has India at the center and surrounded by Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka Myanmar and Maldives as the spokes. This has been in the focus of world attention in recent years due to a number of factors thus greater information of the trends and projections assumes importance. This entails dynamic inter-play of security, economic and diplomatic factors reinforcing each other owing to the complex nature of territorial claims and religious extremist activities. This is evidenced by the competing political and strategic interests between the three nuclear weapon countries of the region viz: China, India and Pakistan. Importantly the lack of agreed boundaries between the three states is one of the key challenges for regional security. In fact, the region has witnessed three major wars between India and Pakistan and one between India and China besides several other border skirmishes on and off at various times including the ongoing India – China border row in Sikkim and hence convulsed in tensions and mutual mistrust and animosity leading to frequent threat of war or near war situations affecting regional security and stability. The U.S strategic tie-up with India, viewed by many as one aimed against China and conducting joint naval exercises with India in the Indian Ocean region coupled with the role played by Russia vis-à-vis China and India have gone to add a new dimension making security and stability even more entangled with extra-regional powers. [Source- Based on Springer Open – Regional Security Dynamics of South Asia]
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