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Intellibrief – India – Watchful on Line of Actual Control even as trade continues to grow with China, Vaccine coverage reaches 240 million, fears of covid wave affecting children diffused. Myanmar 800 defect from the military. Maldives President Speaker spat over terror investigations. UN second report cites information on Taliban – Al Qaeda ties. Global – Internet outage


  • Another district in Faryab falls to the Taliban
  • NSIA Estimates Afghanistan’s Population at 33.6 Million
  • UN Report Cites New Info on Taliban-Al Qaeda Ties


  • World Bank projects 5.1% GDP growth for Bangladesh in 2021-22


  • Bhutan Govt. proposes reducing customs duty to 10 percent, Opposition criticises


  • President: Speaker Nasheed knows I would not impede inquiry into terror attack


  • Myanmar’s Parallel Govt’s Rohingya Policy Angers Rakhine Groups
  • Myanmar’s National Unity Government ‘Deeply Concerned’ With China
  • Roughly 800 soldiers have fled the military since the coup, says defector


  • Nepal SC orders govt to furnish written reply on cabinet reshuffle case


  • Qureshi calls for global action to arrest rising trend of Islamophobic attacks in the Western world
  • Fawad rules out possibility of any US military base in Pakistan

Sri Lanka

  • Foreign Minister thanks U.S. for the continued support extended to Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lanka COVID Experts Committee seeks possibilities to avoid delays of death toll reporting


  • Visit of External Affairs Minister to the Republic of Kenya, Kuwait
  • Data shows trade between Beijing, New Delhi grew in 5 months of 2021
  • India protests security lapse outside mission in Islamabad
  • Raksha Mantri invites Swedish firms to invest in defence corridors in Uttar Pradesh & Tamil Nadu
  • India keeps an eye on PLA movement in Ladakh theatre
  • Cumulative Vaccine Coverage close to 24 Crore
  • Bill for free vaccines and extra foodgrains will be Rs 1.15 lakh crore in FY21
  • NSF affirms commitment to early Naga political solution

Note – Trends are as sourced from the media of respective countries and have not been edited, the content is the sole responsibility of the providers and not that of Security Risks Asia

Regional Strategic Trends & Intellibrief – 09 Jun
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